Positive feed back on study next step digital services Finish government

For the Finish Prime Minister’s Office Red Plume has conducted 30 case studies on digital services, together with researchers from Estonia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Cases were in the categories Employment Services, Immigration Services, Social Security Services, Library Services, Portals and Identity Services and Business Service.

This research was coordinated by Oxford Research, and resulted in the building blocks for a next step strategy on digital services for the Finish Government.

The following feed back was given on the end result: “Our customer was very satisfied with the results. They told that this was the most useful report they have seen for a while – providing good strategic level overview on European perspective + detailed information of planning and implementing digital services in other countries + very practical and “down-to-earth” type of reporting on experiences related to digital services in each country”.

The report is only available in Finish and is only for internal use by the government.