Study Visits to the Netherlands

International best-practices and benchmarks offer valuable opportunities for learing. For a deep understanding of  the context and the complexity of the relevant programs and the projects, discussion with the experts involved are the best way. That is why Red Plume offers study visits to the Netherlands, a front-runner in digital strategy. These study visits include:

  • case studies
  • discussions with practitioner experts
  • location visits
  • academic reflections
  • sectorspecific analysis (optional)
  • cross-references to your own country.

Recently visits have been accomodated form delegations of the Governments of India, Vietnam and Singapore. Also eGovernment training has been provided to Government delegations from Romania,South Korea, Ireland, Slowakia, Bulgaria and Greece.

(Delegation from India visiting the Dutch Government ICT Agency in the Hague)


Comparative Studies

Red Plume also offers comparative research on Digital Strategies and eGovernment Impact.

For example, we did a serie of studies to compare the Dutch eGovernment strategy with the strategies of other EU-countries: Estonia, NorthRhine Westphalia, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark and the OECD. (available in Dutch language only).

Also comparative research on specific eGovernment topics is available. Recently we conducted international comparative studies on Electronic Identification, Civil Registries and eGovernment Digital Infrastructures.

International Consultancy and Capacity Building

Red Plume als offers international consultancy on digital strategies and capacity building, for example installing and training eGovernment Strategy Teams, CIO staff, Smart City Boards etc.

International Partners

Red Plume works with several international partners: Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Knowledge Dialogues (Hong Kong), Prince Consultancy Buenos Aires (Argentina), Center for Technology in Government (Albany/New York).