About Red Plume

As the CEO of Red Plume, it is an honour to present my company to you.



Red Plume is a independent consultancy, training and research company based in the Netherlands.

We focus on the digital transformation of the public sector. In our definition this means all  the disruptive changes governments will be subjected to  because of the impact of new digital technologies.

We help governments to:

  • Create awareness and a vision on digital transformation
  • Formulate a strategy and a program for change
  • Implement new working ways and organizational structures.

Red Plume operates in a network with Dutch and international partners. These are all experts with an academic and/or practitioner background. This makes it easy to present multidiscipline experiences and to relate to international benchmarks and best-practices.


Our vision and mission 

Digital technology plays a central part in the  modernization of government. Worldwide governments are investing in digital programs  that make their burocracies work more efficient and effective.

On top of this digital burocratization a new challenge is emerging, caused by the spread of technologies like the internet of things, big data and sensoring. Experts predict we are entering a new digital era driven by a datarevolution.

For governments this means a formidable task:

  • First, they need to develop policies with new institutional rules to facilitate this datafied technologization of society.
  • Second, government burocracies need to absorb these new technologies, requiring the transformation of old burocratic structures and working ways.


Our mission is to help governments to explore their new digital future and to help them change their old structures and ways of working.

We do this by:

  • Consultancy and training
  • Capacity building missions
  • International (comparative) research.


Study visits

Red Plume also offers international knowledge transfer. We organise study visits to the Netherlands, a country with a reputation as “digital champion”.

Themes of these study visits include, inter alia:

  • Digital Government
  • Smart Cities and Regions
  • EU Digital Agenda.


Study visit programs offer:

  • case studies
  • discussions with practitioner experts
  • location visits
  • academic reflections
  • sectorspecific analysis (optional)
  • cross-references to own country context.



Red Plume collaborates with Dutch and international experts and partner organisations:

  • Dutch: Erasmus University (Rotterdam), TNO (The Hague), Radboud University (Nijmegen), University Twente (Enschede), PBLQ Consultancy (The Hague), PDC Information Architecture (The Hague), European Institute for Public Administration (Maastricht), University Leiden, Berenschot, SmartCityAcademie;
  • International: Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Center for Technology in Government (USA), KnowledgeDialogues (Hong Kong), Prince Consultancy Buenos Aires (Argentina).

In our international work we have a special focus on Latin America (Argentina) and India. We work with experts who know and understand these specific countries.

Evert J. Mulder, CEO and Principal Consultant

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