29 April 2018


Red Plume collaborates with Kankan*Tree on international consultancy in Smart Cities

28 April 2018

Prince Consulting Buenos Aires

Red Plume collaborates with Prince Consulting on Smart Cities and eGovernment

28 April 2018

Smart City Academie

Red Plume is partner and co-founder of the Smart City Academie

28 April 2018

Univerity Nijmegen

Red Plume collaborates with prof.dr. Ellen Mastenbroek on EU Public Policy

28 April 2018

University Leiden

Red Plume collaborates with prof.dr. Arco Timmermans on Public Affairs

28 April 2018

University Twente

Red Plume collaborates with prof.dr. Wolfgang Ebbers on eGovernment and digital services.

28 April 2018

University Utrecht

Red Plume collaborates with prof.dr. Albert Meijer on Smart Cities

4 March 2018

National Board of Housing Corporations

4 March 2018


4 March 2018

Living labs National Smart City Strategy

4 March 2018

City of The Hague

4 March 2018

Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

4 February 2018

City of Middelburg

4 December 2017

Dutch Association of Municipalities

4 December 2017

PM Seminars

4 November 2017

Erasmus University

4 October 2017

Slimste BinnenStad

4 October 2017

PEGA Systems

4 September 2017

National Congres of Public Administration 2017

4 September 2017

Dutch Institute for Technology, Safety & Security

4 September 2017

Binnenlands Bestuur

4 September 2017

AG Connect

4 September 2017


4 August 2017

Oxford Research Finland

4 July 2017

Foundation A+O Fund Municipalities

4 June 2017


7 March 2017

ICEGOV UN-conference New Dehli India

4 March 2017


1 March 2017

Eric F Ch Niehe

Former Ambassador of the Netherlands in India and Honorary member of The Netherlands-India Chamber of Commerce & Trade

1 March 2017


Technology business management expert with 12 years of Business/Technology strategy, operations and implementation experience in UK/Ireland, Continental Europe and India. Leading Digital transformation programs focused on Industry value-chain, technology innovation, and global competitiveness.

13 February 2017

Prince Consulting

Prince Consulting is our distinguished partner consultancy in Argentina. They do consultancy and research on Smart City projects and Open Government.

12 February 2017

Bas Vellekoop

Expert in change management. He is very familiar with the impact of digital technology and is experienced in intercultural settings. Bas lives and works in Argentina and Europe.

4 September 2016

National Festival of Public Administration

4 September 2016

Dutch National Board on Standardization Digital Government

30 August 2016

Ellen Mastenbroek | Radboud University

mastenbroekWith Ellen Mastenbroek, principal researcher and lecturer at theRadboud University RedPlume collaborates on the topic of Europeanization of National (Dutch) policy.

4 March 2016


4 January 2016

Ministry of Justice

4 December 2015

City of Rotterdam