Consultancy and Research

Digital transformation offers huge potential benefits for public sector, but also introduces new complexities, like ethical and security issues. Red Plume helps public sector organizations to develop a balanced vision on digital transformation and a strategy to implement this vision.


Monitor Digital Transformation (2018) | A+O Foundation: study on the impact on labour and organisation of new digital technology in Dutch municipalities.

EU strategy for the City of The Hague (2018): report on how the City of the Hague can connect with the EU on legal and governance dossiers in the domain Cyberspace.

Legal Delta (2017): new strategy on Peace and Justice 2.0 for the City of The Hague.

Interoperability and Open Standards in the Smart City | Dutch National Board of Government Standardisation (2016): Study on the issue of interoperability in Smart Cities and the possible contribution of the National Board of Government Standardisation (in collaboration with PBLQ).

IT-Strategy 2017-2022 | Ministry of Justice (2016): We were part of the core team that developed the new strategy for the Ministry and its Agencies. This assignment was done in association with PBLQ. Download the new IT-Strategy.

Standardization as precondition for the new Enviromental Licensing Act | Geonovum (2016): We researched the Governance of Interoperability Standards for the digital systems needed for the National Enviromental Licensing Act. You can download the study.

Smart City Strategy for the City of Rotterdam (2015). We headed the team of PBLQ consultants that developed  the Smart City strategy for the Dutch City of Rotterdam. You can download this strategy.

Delivering public value by eGovernment for businesses in a multilevel governance setting (2014). We studied the effects of the implementation of the One-Stop-Portal for Businesses in 67 municipalities in the Province of Brabant. This Portal was a consequence of the EU Services Directive. We wrote a UN award-winning paper about this project. you can download this paper.