European Union

The European Union has become an active player in the digital domain. Today the Digital Agenda is one of the flagships of the EU strategy, focusing -inter alia- on eGovernment and Smart Cities. Important digital actors are the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Council, the European Data Protection Supervisor, EU Agencies and EU Research projects.

Red Plume offers to develop EU strategies, analyzing the priority EU dossier for the client, plus per dossier the relevant stakeholders and interventions needed, plus the organisational conditions to be successfull.

References: the City of The Hague, Brainport Eindhoven, National Agency for Student Loans

Red Plume offers study visits to Brussels, the heart of the EU. Also Red Plume offers EU Monitoring and EU trainings (on the EU institutions and their functioning, and the EU Digital Agenda and its impact).

References: high-level delegations of the Dutch Government, thematic groups of Public Sector Professionals, post-graduate Management Trainee Delegations.

(visiting the European Commission with a group of Dutch Public Administration Trainees)