15 February 2017

A few lessons learned about digital India (by Ayush G.V. from SIG)

A few lessons learns about digital India (by Ayush G.V. from SIG)

A reflection on a study visit of the India government to the Netherlands.

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28 December 2016

e-Government in Argentina (blog, 2016)

e-Government in Argentina Since the mid-1990’s, with the widespread use of Internet technology, governments started to modernize their administrations. With reference to the successful business models in e-commerce, governments focused on service delivery to citizens and businesses. These initiatives have been labeled “e-government”, and have been implemented worldwide. Of course different accents have been made… Read more

28 December 2016

“Paving the way for the digital pampa” (blog, 2016)

Red Plume participated in a Dutch Trade Mission to Argentina, to study e-government.

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